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Easy Cardio Day

All cardio lovers, it’s time to ditch machines ( okay, that’s because we don’t have access to it) and go for some real time cardio at home. But you know what? This is going to be more accessible than you might think. It is efficient, offers convenience. Luckily, a good cardio workout doesn’t have to require a ton of space or fancy equipment.

With a little creativity, you can put together a fitness routine that includes a wide range of effective cardio exercises to build muscle, burn calories, and feel better. Below are some home cardio exercises you can do anytime, anywhere.

ExerciseSetsReps (Repetitions)
Alternate step ups230-60 secs
Skipping Ropes230-60 secs
Jumping Jacks210-15
Jog in place230-60 secs
Mountain climbers230-60 secs
Side to side sit ups210-15

Tip: Keep the intensity as suitable, don’t go too harsh. It’s an easy cardio day, the aim is to do it at a low intensity (pace because it’s applicable here) and for a longer duration.

Lower Body Day

Your lower body holds the largest muscles of the body. Training these muscles requires maximum effort which helps you burn maximum calories. Want a squeezed waist ? Don’t miss this day! The muscles found in the hips and legs are foundational muscle groups that are responsible for stabilizing your entire body. By strengthening your lower core, you’ll improve agility and balance.

ExerciseSetReps (Repetitions)
Lying leg curls18-12
Lying Lateral raise18-12
Butt Kicks28-12
Standing Calf raises18-12

Tip:You can use dumbbells or water bottles for resistance if necessary. If you are heavy weight, consider body weight over external resistance. To increase intensity, add one extra set.

Upper Body Day

Training upper body muscles is as important as the lower body. In addition to the same benefits as the lower body it also Improves posture, reduces risk of injuries, protects you bones. Back and core muscles stabilize your body and protect the spine from impact of any physical shock while training or daily activities.

Push ups28-10
Shoulder press210-12
Chest press210-12
lateral & front raise110-12
Bicep curl210-12
Tricep extension110-12

Tip:You can use 1L water bottles in case you do not have access to dumbbells

Hard Cardio Day (Interval training)

Interval training burns a lot of calories in less time. These short burst exercises keep your metabolic rate high for hours after exercise, improves oxygen consumption and hence is a great workout for losing fat. It’s called an allrounder routine as in addition to fat loss it improves endurance & build muscles

Warm up3 mins1
Jog fast in place30 secs5 Alternate
Jog slow in place60 secs5 Alternate
Cool down3 mins1
Total workout time15 mins

Tip: Rest between sets – 10 secs. You can chose jumps, hops or kicks as an alternative to jog

Core Day

A Weak core leads to compensatory movements that affect the body posture. Coreexercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities. In addition to this it improves transfer of power from the centre of the body to extremities and flexibility. Most importantly, it enhances neuromuscular efficiency throughout the body and neuromuscular control for efficient movement and physical positioning. This also helps to improve spinal and postural control while the body is still and in motion.

Leg raises210-12
Jack Knife1-210-20
Seated leg pull in210
Plank hold130 secs
Glute bridge210-12

Tip: Choose intensity as per your fitness levels. You can use weights to increase the intensity of this workout

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