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Omega 3 Veg Algae DHA

  • Best vegetarian Omega 3 source
  • Consume 1-2 capsules per day after meals
  • Expert recommendation
  • Reduces Inflammation that causes joint pain
  • Aids burning of stored fat
  • Supports brain, heart & eye health
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
Supplement Facts

INR 390


The Vegan Capsule

  • Oil extract for maximum benefits
    Algae DHA oil used in the capsule provides 40% pure omega 3 fatty acids, unlike the powder that claims none.
  • Liquid Fill Capsule
    These capsules are designed to dissolve in the small intestine, an ideal place to absorb nutrients.
  • Best Omega 3 Source
    Fishes get their omega 3 from the marine microalgae, we crafted our omega 3 capsule using this underwater plant that serves with the best omega 3 values.

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