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Vitamin C Complex Immune Health Formula 60 Tabs

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Complex for basic immunity needs. We combine our Vitamin C with natural extracts trusted by traditional science. - 1000mg Vitamin C - Enriched with Amla Extract - Faster absorption formula - Natural Antioxidant boost - Zinc as immune enhancer

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Immunity was always the need of the hour. A Stronger Immunity not just gets us going through the toughest times but viruses too. 

• Supports immune cell function for both innate and adaptive immune system

• Antioxidants support to fight free radicals that causes inflammation

• Helps in the process of building  connective tissues & bones

• Promotes the process of collagen synthesis 

• Helps in the absorption of iron

The Immunity Tab

1. When extracts meets ascorbic acid - Natural extracts like Vitamin C, Orange peel & Rosehip along with ascorbic acid makes for a complete immunity package 

2. Faster absorption better recovery - We added a combination of naturally occurring bioflavonoids to improve the absorption of Vitamin C in the body 

3. Be Antioxidant - A combination of Quercetin & zinc made to scavenge free radicals that impact our body system negatively

Vitamin C Complex Immune Health Formula 60 Tabs

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