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ThyroVed Healthy Thyroid Support 60 Tabs

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A carefully combined herbal remedy for people dealing with PCOD & PCOS & all thyroid related complications. This one proves to be a savior for all your thyroid-struggles. - Shodhit Guggul - Ashwagandha Extract - Triphala - Varun Chal - Brahmi

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The Remedy to your thyroid-struggles. Healing the gland & treating the root cause are the key to healthy thyroid. - Promotes healthy thyroid hormone function - Provides antioxidant effect to repair the damage - Stimulates the gland for releasing thyroid hormone levels  - Maintains hormonal balance  - Regulates thyroid function for subsiding any complications

The Therapy Tab
1. Only Botanical Extracts - All natural herbs combined to churn out an effective remedy for regulating thyroid hormone function. 

2. Safe to use - The natural ingredients are used in quantities that are safe to use and does not interfere nutrient absorption

3. Backed by Ayurveda - Our unique formulation contains herbs that are proven effective in Ayurveda for thyroid & related health complications

ThyroVed Healthy Thyroid Support 60 Tabs

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