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Synbiotics Gut Health Formula 60 caps

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70% of your immunity resides in the gut. Do you really need another reason for this one? We’ll still list. Our Synbiotics is an all-in-one unique blend of Probiotics, Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes that keeps your gut grounded for a strong digestion & immunity, better energy and a glowing skin to name a few. - 16 strains of shelf stable Probiotics - Unique Prebiotic Blend - Digestive Enzyme Blend - Cumin & Ginger Extract - Vegan Friendly

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Get your Gut Feeling Back. Syncing up the gut can resolve 90% of your health problems. Gut it back!

• Treats Constipation & IBS

• Promotes good digestion

• Relieves from acidity & bloating 

• Improves energy & mood

• Improves sleep


All-in-one cap 

Synbiotics Gut Health Formula 60 caps

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