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Omega 3 Fish Oil Double Strength Formula 60 softgel caps

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Not just another super-fish-oil supplement, our omega 3, proves the best choice for dealing with inflammation or recovering from any physical stress. - 1000 mg Fish Oil - 360 mg EPA 240 mg DHA - Sourced from freshwater fishes - No Heavy metals - Cholesterol Free

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Speed up the recovery. Stress leads to inflammation which is the root cause of all our health problems. Omega 3 fatty acids treat the root cause.

• Reduces Inflammation that causes pain in joints 

• Aids burning of stored fat

• Supports brain, heart & eye health

• Promotes healthy skin

• Promotes healthy cholesterol levels


The Power Capsule

1. Double strength triple the power - Each capsule serves 600 mg of Omega 3 in a 1000 mg capsule, delivering 60% Omega 3 per capsule 

2. No Fishy After-taste - Our capsules are not enteric coated, hence easy on the stomach but gives no fishy after-taste.

3. Right fit for all - Athlete or home-maker it’s the best fit everyone who needs recovery

Omega 3 Fish Oil Double Strength Formula 60 softgel caps

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