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GlucoVed Healthy Glucose Support 60 Tabs

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We crafted a natural remedy using traditional ingredients that support healthy glucose levels in people with diabetes & are most importantly safe to consume. - Karela Extract - Jamun Extract - Gurmar Extract - Giloy Extract - Fenugreek Extract

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Managing Diabetes the Vedic way. Keeping glucose levels in check is the key to no complications in diabetes. - Helps in glucose management - Regulates insulin release - Regulates absorption of carbohydrates - Mimics insulin-like function - Act as sugar blocker to manage glucose levels

The Therapy Tab
1. Only Botanical Extracts - All natural herbs combined to churn out an effective remedy for regulating glucose levels. 

2. Safe to use - The natural ingredients are used in quantities that are safe to use and does not interfere nutrient absorption

3. Backed by Ayurveda - Our unique formulation contains herbs that are proven effective in Ayurveda for diabetes & related health complications

GlucoVed Healthy Glucose Support 60 Tabs

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