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Essential Vitamins Recovery Complex Formula 60 Tabs

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The name says it all. Our multivitamin is made with only essential ingredients (& no fillers) to fill in nutrient gaps in the diets - 32 Key Nutrients - Natural extract & Biomolecule Blend - 100% RDA for Vitamins - Bioperine as Absorption Enhancer - Vegan friendly

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Build Your Foundational Health First. Fitness is beyond thin & Muscular. Build a stronger body system for better health in reality.

• Vitamins & Minerals supports nutrient metabolism to generate energy

• Helps combat fatigue & enhances overall recovery  

• Antioxidants support to fight free radicals that causes inflammation

• Helps build a stronger immune system

• Improves Hair, skin and nails

The Wiser Tablet

1. We skipped calcium & magnesium for a reason - Our tablets are responsibly signed. Both calcium & Magnesium compete with each other for absorption and hinders absorption of nutrients like iron & zinc

2. Thought over Formulation - 

We added bioperine, a bioactive component in Black pepper to improve absorption of all the nutrients present in the tablet

3. Nothing for namesake - Our vitamins do not fail to meet the dietary requirements advised by ICMR

Consumption Tips: 

Consume with meals

Essential Vitamins Recovery Complex Formula 60 Tabs

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