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Calcium D3 Bone & Joint Health Formula 60 Tabs

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‘Age is no barrier' was quoted for Calcium. The most underrated, yet the most important one. We combined our Calcium with not just D3 (like they do), but also supporting vitamins, minerals, amino acids & enzymes that structure the bone synthesis well. - 1000 mg highly bioavailable Calcium - 400 IU Vitamin D3 - Enriched with Amino Complex - Bone Vitamin-Mineral Complex - Boswellia & Moringa for joint health

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Because Strong is a compliment. Not just muscles, but your bone mineral density defines strength.

• Prevents bone loss & optimal bone health 

• Helps accelerate bone cell function

• Prevents joint inflammation & pain

• Supports muscle contraction

• Helps regulates sleep

The Witty Tab

1. Efficiency to the point - We used the most bioavailable form of calcium (calcium citrate malate) to make sure it’s highly absorbable.  

2. Supporting nutrients. Check - Vitamin K2 to enhance uptake calcium by the bone cells. 

3. Balanced Environment for Better Bones -

We added enzyme papain to maintain acid-base balance to prevent bone loss

Calcium D3 Bone & Joint Health Formula 60 Tabs

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