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Amino Complex Blue Raspberry 500 gms

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We formulated the dose of recovery the best way. Beating fatigue to boost performance, this clean stimulant free formula of Essential amino acids & BCAA powers the recovery effortlessly. - 6g EAA - Bioperine as absorption enhancer - L-Citrulline as NO booster - L-Glutamine as recovery enhancer - Electrolyte blend

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Power your recovery. Up the game.
Recovery is the key to sustained anabolic environment for enhanced performance 

- Promotes muscle growth - Treats fatigue, boosts energy & improves stamina - Improves nutrient absorption - Reduces inflammation causing soreness - Keeps up the anabolic environment

The Scoop of Recovery

1. Addition of Bioperine 95% - Each scoop consists of 5mg bioperine that enhances nutrient absorption promoting accelerated recovery 2. L-Citrulline & L-Glutamine - Our formulation ensures you get the Nitric oxide boost & accelerated recovery  3. The Dose of Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B6 supports energy production & ensures flushing out the by-products of nutrient digestion

Amino Complex Blue Raspberry 500 gms

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