Egg Yolk – Myth Vs Facts

“Avoid consuming egg yolks!” – You might have heard this from multiple sources. However, this is a piece of highly flawed advice, stemming from misinformation.

The yolk is arguably more of a boon, even though portrayed as a bane. Let’s look at some of the supporting facts-

1) Phospholipid (PL-) lecithin is a special fat that protects your heart and prevents the absorption of cholesterol by emulsification. It can fragment cholesterol to allow the body to easily handle it. PL is useful, not just against the inflammatory responses that lead to high cholesterol, diabetes, and aging, but also in the prevention of memory loss.

2) 90% vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants of the total nutrition an egg has to offer are found in the yolk.

3) It is rich in protein that completes the amino acid profile of egg whites.

4) The number of yolks you can eat in a time period is completely subject to how it suits your body, depending on your goals, activity and health condition.

Bottomline- Egg Yolks do not cause high cholesterol. Poor/sedentary lifestyle, junk/processed food, refined oil and of course the salt of misinformation sprinkled to taste, are to blame!

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