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We are a premium nutrition & supplement brand that thinks of nutrition beyond salads and fitness beyond muscles.



EXERFIT WELLNESS PVT. LTD. is a part of the multifaceted conglomerate Wilson Group. The Wilson group begins its journey in the dawn of the ‘40s. Our history traces back to pre-independent India under the aegis of Shri Dwarakadas Jivanlal Sanghavi, who built the brand used by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar to sign the Indian Constitution! Today the Wilson Group has its interests and investments spread far and wide across education, philanthropy, retail MSME lendings, sustainable water infrastructure projects and real estate.

Mr Nimir Mehta, Promoter, The Wilson Group Mr Mehta began sailing on his entrepreneurial journey from the young age of 15, under the astute guidance of his grandfather, Shri Dwarakadas Jivanlal Sanghavi, who pioneered the Wilson Pens and Stationery brand. With his relentless determination, focus and perseverance, he has led the Group to become a diversified conglomerate today.

exerFIT was born to help everyone not only achieve their fitness goals but sustain them. 

Our supplements and services both aim to fill the nutrition gaps in every individual’s daily routine, from an office-goer to a home-maker, from a professional athlete to a bodybuilder.

Our strengths?

  • Simple, clean, carefully crafted formulations that are backed by science 

  • Nutrition consultations that go beyond planning diets (Yes. we don’t believe in diets too!)

  • Educating the community on the facts & myths around food & supplements 


We’re not about pseudoscience and half-truths. We take this too seriously, from using the right ingredients to eliminating the synthetic fillers, we only create sensible products which can be proudly consumed by our own families. So here we are, happy to bring you products which not just build stronger immunity but strong foundational health to beat the odds in life :)

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved”
You won’t regret it - we promise!