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Every workshop has a WOW factor. Ours is the expert.
Workshops are our medium to break the myth that Fitness is only = Washboard abs.


No Fats, Straight Up Facts

We bust Myths and state real-life facts so that you make or help make informed choices in this world of fads.

Simplyfying Science

Food, Exercise & fitness is made complex, we make sure we simplify it for you 

Dynamic Way of Delivery

Yes our workshops are less planned & messy in a good way. We mould ourselves into the needs of the participant. We promise you will come out more informed & smiling.

The Number Says it all

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Recovering from COVID-19

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Recovering from COVID-19

What They Say

I have been using exerfit products for almost 3 months now and can confidently say the products are effective. I have experienced a positive change in my performance. I feel more enthusiastic to go to the gym daily!

Kashish Dabas

I feel more energetic and my skin feels better. I can easily recommend this to anyone - regardless of the age group!

Shreya Sharma

One of the best Indian supplement brands, top quality supplements with premium quality ingredients. Getting great results with their supplements and nutritional assistance!

Simranjit Singh DEMO

I was consuming the supplements of popular brands earlier, but the result was just alright. I finally tried exerFIT- I bought Titanium Whey and Multivitamins last year. The outcome it gave was superb! Team exerFIT is awesome – love their nutritional assistance too.

Melwin D'Souza

I tried Exerfit’s whey protein, it's neither too sweet nor too bland. Loved the taste. It reduced my post-workout muscle soreness!

Praveen D'Souza

After adding exerFIT's Fish Oil to my daily routine, I have noticed better energy levels and a visible shine in my hair

Melita D'Souza

I haven't used any whey protein/supplement ever. I came across exerFIT in the lockdown. After researching a ton, I finally decided to give it a try. It's been more than 3 months and exerFIT has now become a part of my daily diet. Really happy with the results!!

Krishanu Jha

After using this product for quite some time, I have seen great results! It has the best formulation!

Akshat Otawkar

After consuming exerFIT's Vitamin C, my skin has really improved. Definitely will recommend it to everyone!

Disha Jain

Absolutely love the chocolate taste. I regularly use it after my workouts and in pancakes too!

Elison D'Souza

Love the effects shown by exerFIT's Multivitamins. I've noticed better energy levels than earlier!

Janhvi Jain

I have recently started using exerFIT's Titanium Whey and I can see the results already. It really makes me look forward to my workout!

Jeemit Shah

I have noticed awesome results after adding exerFIT's Fish oil to my routine. Give it a try!

Rohan Parab

I purchased this product after seeing its awesome formulation. Surely a genuine product.

Shubham Khadwe

Love the amazing results of exerFIT's Multivitamins. Easily a value-for-money

Teresa Antony

I have used many Whey Protein brands, but the results shown by exerFIT's Whey were the best. Love the rich chocolate flavour!

Umesh Modi

I can notice great difference in my hair, skin and overall stamina after consuming exerFIT's Fish Oil. Would definitely recommend it to all.

Vivek Dugar

Nutrition Beyond Salads
Fitness Beyond Muscles

Be More. Do More.

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