8 Immunity Building tips during lockdown for lifestyle, Nutrition & Exercise

The coronavirus outbreak has spread across various countries after originating from China’s Wuhan. Thousands of people have died not just in China, but also in many parts of the world; Europe is the new epicenter. Coronavirus (CoV) is creating a state of panic that should be avoided and people should focus on following some basic protocols. While social distancing is the right approach for stopping the spread of the virus, some basic hygiene habits such as washing hands for 20 seconds at regular intervals, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth can protect you from it. Apart from this, increasing your immunity will also help in keeping the virus away from you.

According to health experts, people should take special care of their food and drinks intake during this time. As scientists suggest, the coronavirus makes vulnerable and elderly people its prey quickly and so to prevent this it becomes crucial for everyone to inculcate food, exercise and lifestyle habits that will help boost your immune system which in turn will protect you from viruses.

Introducing 8 tips from 3 segments of fitness important for building immunity.


(1) De stress by practicing meditation for 10-15 minutes every day: This keeps your mind balanced and combats stress which otherwise triggers inflammation of tissues affecting overall health

(2) Sleep – 8 hours a day: This ensures your system recovers well and all internal body functions run smoothly

(3) Hydration: Cleanses your body, ensures delivery of nutrients to the cells helping you fight infections

(4) Stretch after every 30 mins of sitting: This will ensure you don’t end up developing back pain and promotes good blood circulation

(5) Neem water bath: A potent antibacterial, antiviral keeps you protected from infections

(6) Avoid processed packaged foods: Void of nutrients will only help you compromise on the nutritional status of the body

(7) Practice Anulom Vilom: To improve your lung capacity and helps combats stress

(8) Expose yourself to sunlight for 10-15 mins each day: It helps you activate Vitamin D that reduces your susceptibility to infection


(1) Add a spoon of chawanprash in the morning: The Ayurvedic ingredients in it, helps strengthen the mucous membrane of the lungs

(2) Lemon water with black salt once a day:  Vitamin C & potassium will ensure optimum functioning of the immune system and maintain fluid balance in the body

(3) Basil Leaves in your drinking water: Tulsi protects your organs from inflammation and is known for its antimicrobial properties

(4) 20 Nuts and 2 spoons of your favourite seeds in a day: Rich in phytochemical , they act as antioxidants that supports immune system

(5) Jaggery Sonth Balls: This combination keeps your digestion intact and strengthens your respiratory system

(6) Include ghee 1-2 spoons in a day:  An old Ayurvedic remedy for an overall strong body system. A powerhouse of nutrients itself, ghee helps in absorption of nutrients that are essential to all your body functions from brain to the immune system

(7) Add Garlic to your diet: This makes sure you get daily dose of immune boosting sulphur-containing compound ‘Allicin’

(8) Turmeric milk at bedtime– Also referred to as ‘Turmeric latte’ will keep you away from catching any throat infectionFatema Dhoondia, gold medalist for AWPC powerlifting world cup, swearsby the old-time remedy of turmeric milk. She says “Turmeric milk with cashews is my go-to remedy for boosting immunity. I have noticed that it has reduced the frequency of cold, cough and sore throat which I experienced before. Not just this, it also relaxes my nerves, keeps me calm & helps me achieve a restorative sleep, making sure I recover well”.


(1) For every 30 minutes you sit, stand for 3 minutes: This ensures that you don’t compromise on burning calories even while working from home

(2) Surya Namaskar 5 times every day: Improves function of internal organs and improves flexibility

(3) Yoga poses for immunity building – 1 set of each pose | 2 times a week 

(4) Squats and lunges – 3 sets of each | 2 times a week

(5) Core strengthening exercises– 2-3 sets of each | once a week

(6) ‘Jogging in place’ –  A go-to solution for cardio during this lockdown. 50 jogs | once a week

(7) Skipping– 50 skips| once a week

(8) Stretch for 10-15 mins everyday: Stretching helps the lymph fluid move throughout the lymphatic system, releasing blockage, decreasing swelling, and promoting a healthy movement of nutrients and waste.

As we all grow accustomed to life in the age of novel coronavirus COVID-19, and scientists continue working on antivirals and vaccines, many experts are suggesting to take a holistic approach to general health maintenance. And as biohackers know better than most, a positive immune response can be essential to staying healthy.

Prevention is always better than cure!

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