The human body is by far the greatest complex machine on earth. Keeping this machine operating at optimumlevels can be a surprisingly simple battle. Utmost health can be possessed by following two simple rules, which are –

  1. Fuel the body with the right kind of nutrients and food combinations
  2. Avoid anything that can harm the body

It is common knowledge that the world today is full of various toxins, which are unavoidable. In fact, the earth is more toxic now than it has ever been. Getting healthy, organic, toxin-free food can be extremely challenging, not to mention that the ability to dodge daily pollutants that are now omnipresent, is almost impossible.

The good news however is that it is now easier to combat this situation with simple adjustments and lifestyle changes. Fad diets, detoxes and cleanses are exactly shortcuts in most cases and do not offer any long term benefits. On the contrary, they may deplete your body of certain essential nutrients. The best way is to stay fit and healthy is to tweak daily habits and aspire for the best version of ourselves.

To put it in simple terms, detoxification is a process that removes substances that are harmful to the body or that modify toxic substances thus making them no longer harmful.

Internally, the human body has a complex array of systems that alter, attack and abolish threats. Thus, one doesn’t really need a detox diet; rather there is an inherent need for nutrients that enable our internal detox systems to function smoothly. The main systems for detoxification are stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs and the overall immune system.

When it comes to external detoxification, the skin is second to none. It serves as the army that keeps toxins from entering the body. Sweat glands are extremely important since they release toxins from the body.

A few benefits of detoxification are –

  • Increased energy
  • Better stress management
  • Improved metabolic rate
  • Smooth functioning of the immune system
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases


  1. Hydrate – 70% of the body is made up of H20. Water keeps the cellular machinery at peak performance. Adding just a few extra glasses of water a day flushes out toxins naturally. The minerals fuel the body with much needed nutrients making it an easy, sure shot way of saying goodbye to toxins.
  2. Add natural fibre to your diet – Fibre is integral to excreting waste products. But it’s best to achieve it through foods that naturally contain it, such as grains, pulses, sprouts, vegetables, fruits, rather than adding extra fibre from other sources to your meals without knowing the possible adverse impact. Eating whole foods is a crucial aspect when it comes to adding fiber to your diet naturally. Processed foods cut off the natural fiber from the foods. Food preparation methods such as juicing or blending destroy the structure of fiber and hence its positive effects on the system
  3. Embrace Exercise – For the prehistoric man, exercise consumed a huge part of the day. Foraging, hunting, building houses required extreme strength. The times have changed and we have now entered an age of convenience. The body is built for physical activity and movement is required for maximum efficiency. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day can work your sweat glands and release harmful toxins out of the body. Tiring the body out can also help a restful nights slumber. It also boosts blood circulation which serves as one of the important carrier systems of detoxification.
  4. Sleep More – Detoxification of the brain called the glymphatic system occurs during the sleep cycle. Getting insufficient sleep impairs the glymphatic system causing toxin build up and damaging the central nervous system. A restful night’s sleep also prevents mood swings and irritability. Lack of quality sleep drops its capability to detox effectively
  5. Natural Detox Waters – Lemon water consumed with black salt immediately improves digestion, cleanses your liver and maintains PH levels of the body. One should refrain from consuming it as first thing in the morning and rather split its intake throughout the day. Coconut water has composition that mimics our plasma and helps clear out impurities from blood. Another nature’s blessing is sugarcane juice, which is better than the well-marketed cold pressed juices. It not only cleanses your liver, but when combined with a dash of lime, makes for the best detox cocktail for summer.
  6. Supplements to meet dietary deficit – A lot of nutrient loss occurs due to mechanical and environmental factors such as exposure of food to heat and air. With increasing demands of stressful lifestyles, work life imbalances, etc., the need for supplementing nutrients in the diet becomes mandatory. One can introduce vitamins, minerals and other probiotics along with a wholesome diet. A simple vitamin C supplement can boost immunity and help you deal with the heat during summers.. Vitamin B complex optimises utilisation of carbs, fats and proteins from your food.Omega-3 fatty acids also can increase heart wellness. Not only do these detoxify but they also help improve immunity in the long run.
  7. Massage – A relaxing massage or the visit to the chiropractor can encourage the body to detoxify optimally. Chiropractic therapy can impact the nervous system which controls all metabolic pathways. A calm and relaxing massage can also reduce stress and anxiety, disorders that can greatly affect the body like silent killers.
  8. Bowel Cleanse – Doing a colon cleanse once a year is an excellent practise to rid the body of abnormal flora. It paves a pathway for better health. While doing a detox, it is integral to know that the intestines are healthy and have the right amounts of good bacteria. Doing a colon cleanse removes the bad bacteria, yeast and parasites.
  9. Use herbs & spices – Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Lemongrass & Rose Petal concoctions (such as gulkand), ginger, turmeric, Cinnamon, Black pepper put your intestines on the fast track to recovery whilst strengthening the immune system and digestive system.
  10. Mental Health – Lastly, the most underrated way to detox is mental health. A few short minutes of meditation a day can reduce anxiety, depression and other complications. A few breathing exercises and mindful practises can easy the heart, improve blood flow in the body and to the brain – providing oxygen.

A detox should be viewed as an enjoyable experience and the promise of a long and healthy life. The benefits, such as – improved skin, gut health, faster metabolism and relaxation are fundamental in building a wholesome physique, with fat loss being the by-product.

However, detox is not a remedy to binge eating or a one-time activity. It’s a continuous process that requires skipping out on detox fads and with persistent lifestyle improvements.

References –

Book – Dr Wootan, 2010 ‘ Detox Diets For Dummies’ Wiley Publishing Inc.

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